Remote indicator

The indicator PSL/USI is designed for mounting on the ceiling or a cable channel and show the availability of a parking space. It is recommended for covered parking lots. The indicator is connected to the ultrasound or magnetic ParkSol sensors. The system represents the number of free parking spaces on LED screens. The indicator has reflective optics, which ensures good visibility in the parking from long distance even in a sunny day. It has IP66 class. Indications options: red/green, red/blue, only green.

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Made in the European Union.
Weather proof – IP66 protection class. Instantly works in -40/+70 ºC temperature.
Flash Wave energy saving function. Indicators are flashing according to the wave principle, therefore, the system energy consumption is reduced by up to 10-fold.
High brightness LEDs with reflector optics and +/-45 degree beam angle adjustment.
Recommended  for limited view parking lots together ultrasonic sensor.
Remote indicators are designed to be installed on a standard MQ-type galvanized installation channel.
Quick and easy indicator connection to the base via the NailPin connector.





Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage 12-24 VDC
Current 0.1-0.2 A
Power consumption 1,5 W


Light colour, angle adjustment Integrated red/green LED till 45 degrees


Work temperature -40°C ….+70°C
Humidity 20 ….95%


Housing type IP66
Mounting method Screws
Dimension (mm) 136 x 123 x 200
Weight 350 g
Colour Grey/ transparent