LED display

ParkSol LED display shows direction and amount of free parking spaces. LED display receives information in real-time from the ParkSol system or concentrators assigned to it. LED displays help guiding drivers to find a free parking space. LED display is Ethernet based, weather proof, has arrow blinking function and modular construction. Wi-Fi realization and custom solutions are available. Additionally, it can be integrated into road signs, large pylons etc.

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Made in European Union.
Wi-Fi realization.
Ethernet network, 3 ports.
The modular design.
Dimming function to fit the modern lighting control demand.
Ultra light LED’s, brightness control.
Possible integration with existing road signs.
LED displays work as an independent switches.
IP66 protection against environment influences.
Installation, configuration and maintenance are easy and cost efficient.
Special oval optics provides good visibility from long distance even in brightly lighted parking lots.
3 year warranty.

Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage ~ 230 V, 50 Hz
Current 0.22 A
Power consumption 50 W


Type ethernet
Number of inputs 3
Max. current of output 128


Status LED
RS485 RX/TX LED green
Ethernet status LED green/ yellow


Working temperature -40°C …+70°C
Humidity 20% …80%


Dimension (mm) 200 x 1000 x 90 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Colour Black
Mounting feet dimension 1200 x 38x 20 mm